Land Acquisition

Sell your land – Risk & Cost Free!

Every development begins with the right land – and we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities and new sites. If you’re considering a sale in London or the Home Counties, talk to us. We’ll provide you with a fast, competitive offer.


We are a small independent business. This means we will provide you with a competitive offer without any long drawn-out negotiations.


We are interested in all plots of land from one acre to one hundred:

  • Land which has potential for housing
  • Land which has been allocated for housing, or
  • Existing business or industrial sites which are close to residential areas


Please get in touch if you are considering selling land in the South of England; Greater London, Home Counties, M11 Corridor and East Anglia.


Every land sale will be different, and everyone’s reason for selling will be unique. Smiling Properties will take time to understand you, your situation, and the reason you are selling land to ensure that all of your requirements are met and you achieve the maximum value for your land.


Selling land can sometimes be a daunting process. We will therefore manage the full planning process end-to-end, removing all the stress and worry from you. We will also pay for the whole process, therefore taking on all cost and risk associated with the sale.

When selling land there are many different options such as a conditional sale, or selling the land outright. There are also options for Joint Ventures, and different legal contracts such as Option Agreements. We will take as much time as needed to walk through all of the possible options until we find an arrangement that works for both parties.

Land Assembly

Sell a portion of your garden.

Combined with your neighbour’s garden we gain planning permission to build new properties.

Do you and your neighbours have large gardens? Each garden in its own right has no value (other then that included in the value of your house), but all of these gardens put together has greater value.

Planning Permission

We work with the local town planners and architects to design housing in keeping with the surrounding properties and to satisfy the local housing requirements.

The Process

Acquiring the right land is an essential part of the work we do and we consider a wide variety of different sites. The process is designed to be simple and friendly:

  • Neighbouring properties with large gardens that collectively have development potential are identified.
  • We visit each home owner to discuss the possibility of land assembly
  • We hold a group meeting with all neighbours to gain group clarity and consensus
  • Once all parties are happy to proceed solicitors will draw up an option agreement
  • Local architects will produce plans
  • Planning permission will be gained
  • Neighbours are paid for their portion of the garden
  • Building work commences

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